Gabor RIBARIK, Invited Associate Professor

RIBARIK Gabor Ribarik is from the Department of Materials Physics, Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary. He joint us for one year starting from September 1st, 2014. He is part of the joint research team between WP4 and WP5 on the topic « Grain-to-grain analysis of twinning in polycrystals with synchrotron » set up by Laszlo Toth, Alain Jacques and Stéphane Berbenni. He is also contributing to the research project « Generation of diffraction profiles » coordinated by Alain Jacques in WP5 – Task 3.Gabor is a first class internationally known researcher in the field of polycrystal diffraction especially in X-ray line profile analysis. In spite of his young age (39) his 38 papers are already cited in more than 1100 papers with an average citation of 30 per paper.Gabor is located in the IJL component of DAMAS, in the Ecole des Mines de Nancy, 330B, two doors from the office of Alain Jacques. His e-mail is: