Chengfan GU, Invited Associate Professor

GU Chengfan Gu is from the School of Aerospace, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. She joint us for two months ending September 30, 2014. Chengfan is part of the joint research team between WP2 – Task 4 and WP4 – Task 1. She has been several times invited in the Labex DAMAS, this time she is working on the topic « effect of grain size on texture evolution ». Her main coworkers in DAMAS are Laszlo Toth, Benoit Beausir, Yudong Zhang and Francis Wagner.Chengfan is an internationally known researcher in the field of severe plastic deformation. She is awarded by a DECRA Fellowship in Australia (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award – UNSW) on the topic « Design of alloys over multiple grain scales for improving fatigue performance ». Graduating in 2011 as Ph.D. (in co-mentorship between Université de Metz and Monash University), she is already author of 36 papers of which 10 papers are published with DAMAS.Chengfan is located in Metz, the LEM3 component of DAMAS, in the master-room of building B. Her e-mails are:,