Yan BEYGELZIMMER: Invited Professor


BEYGELZIMMER Yan BEYGELZIMMER is a  Principal Researcher in the High Pressure Physics and Advanced Technology Department, Donetsk Institute for Physics and Technology of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. He joined us for two months starting from October 13, 2014. He is expert in continuum modeling of grain refinement during severe plastic deformation, in plasticity modeling of powder compaction, in micro-mechanical modeling of elastic-plastic deformation of micro-inhomogeneous materials, etc… He is author of more than 90 papers with large impact in the mechanics community. He is working with us in the WP4 group on the twist extrusion process (his invention) as well as on the powder compaction by high pressure torsion. Yan is located in Metz, in the LEM3 component of DAMAS, in the master-room of building B. His e-mail is: yanbeygel@gmail.com.