Seminar by Prof. E. SUKEDAI – Okayama University of Science

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Date | Time
18/05/2015 | 2 h 30 min - 6 h 30 min

Institut Jean Lamour


« A study of nucleation behavior of β-ω phase transformation in β-Ti alloys using electron microscopy »
Abstract :
β-Ti alloys have many useful properties such as high strength and high deformability. In order to improve their properties, themo-mechanical processing has been performed, and it is thought that the dominant control factor is formation of fine and high density of precipitates such as α and ω-phases. Therefore, it is important that nucleation behavior of precipitates is clarified. Two topics about the behavior studied using electron microscopy will be introduced.
1) Possibility of vacancy-clusters for nucleation-sites based on the results of age-hardening behavior of two specimens quenched-in from different temperatures.
2) Effect of stressing to nucleation behavior along deformation twin boundaries.