Seminar by Professor André PHILLON “Meso-scale multi-physics modelling of industrial solidification processes”

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Date | Time
13/05/2016 | 9 h 00 min - 13 h 00 min

Room 116 - IJL - Parc de Saurupt


Seminar by Professor André PHILLON, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

“Meso-scale multi-physics modelling of industrial solidification processes”


Meso-scale models based on granular materials are finding use in gaining understanding of defect formation mechanisms during metallic-alloy solidification processes. In this talk, research is presented on the use of meso-scale models for predicting hot tearing/solidification cracking in aluminum alloy casting and welding processes. These models couple solidification modules, mechanical deformation modules, fluid-flow modules, and defect modules in order to first construct the microstructure of the semi-solid, second to simulate deformation and intergranular flow, and finally to comprehensively predict crack formation. Examples will be given for the binary Al-Cu, A356, and AA6061 alloy systems.


Dr. Phillion received his PhD from the Department of Materials Engineering at The University of British Columbia in 2007, where he combined high temperature experimental methods with multi-scale modelling to investigate solidification processes and casting defects. After completing his PhD, he spent two years (2008-2009) as a Post-doctoral fellow at EPFL, Switzerland in the LSMX Computational Materials, followed by six years (2010-2015) as a faculty member in the School of Engineering at The University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. He joined McMaster University in 2016.