Seminar from Dr. Irene BEYERLEIN

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16/04/2014 | All Day

Salle Klepaczko


« Meso-scale understanding of bimetal interface evolution in nanocomposites »

Dr. Irene Beyerlein, éminente chercheur du Laboratoire Los Alamos (E.U.)

Abstract In this talk, I will present recent studies on the synthesis of bimetal nanocomposites that are both ultra-strong and thermally stable. The synthesis routes impose extremely large plastic strains and enable production of this extraordinary nanomaterial in quantities sufficient for structural parts. During processing, the bimetal interface density increases until nanostructuring (< 10 nm) is achieved and remarkably, at the same time, the bimetal interfaces develop an atomically ordered state. To date, our experimental analyses find that these interfaces are stable with respect to straining, high temperature, and light-ion irradiation. Predicting and understanding the evolution of bimetal interface properties during mechanical processing brings new challenges in modeling. By combining atomic- to meso-scale computational modeling we are getting closer to explaining the emergence of such stable interfaces and to ultimately engineering them for target nanomaterial performance.