Seminar from Prof. Fuxiao YU

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11/12/2013 | All Day

Salle Klepaczko


« Second-phase-particle Added Grain Refinement of Aluminum Alloys »

Prof. Fuxiao YU – School of Materials and Metallurgy – Northeastern University Shenyang

Abstract Grain refinement of Al alloys by plastic deformation is limited by the high stacking faulty energy associated with aluminum. Severe deformation was proved to be an effective way to refine the microstructure in Al alloys to some extend in recent years. It was found, by the author’s group, that grains in Al alloys of eutectic system with dispersion of second phase particles could be refined into micron even submicron scale simply by conventional deformation techniques such as extrusion and rolling. The resulting microstructure gives rise to superior mechanical properties in terms of strength and ductility. In this presentation, Al-Si alloys and Al-Fe alloys are taken as examples to illustrate the principle of this microstructural refinement. Its potential industrial application which may be utilized to transform the non-deformable cast alloys into wrought alloys will be introduced. Future outlook on the research activities will be discussed on the basis of current findings.