Seminar from Prof. Laszlo S. TOTH

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Date | Time
25/11/2013 | All Day

Salle Klepaczko


Host: Laszlo Toth


Nima PARDIS PhD. Student, Materials Science Engineering, Shiraz University, IranCurrently visiting scholar, Department of Materials Science,Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Abstract Considerable attention has been devoted to high pressure torsion (HPT) as well as equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) as the two well-known severe plastic deformation (SPD) techniques for producing ultrafine-grained (UFG) materials. Although these methods are powerful tools for processing UFG materials, other techniques still worth considering as they give the opportunity for investigating different modes of deformation and a better understanding of the deformation behavior of materials at these conditions. In addition, other SPD techniques are sometimes more effective for producing UFG materials in special geometrical shapes which might not be easy to be produced by ECAP or HPT. The same applies to SPD processing of materials with limited workability. This presentation discusses some new developments in severe plastic deformation of materials through simple shear-pure shear modes of deformation as well as presenting an issue on evaluating effective strain at large simple/pure shear deformation condition.