Seminar WP3 from Mathieu MCPHIE: Vacuum arc remelting: Behavior of the molten layer

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Date | Time
28/01/2016 | 3 h 00 min - 4 h 00 min

Salle du Conseil – IJL – Saurupt


Seminar WP3 from Mathieu MCPHIE

Vacuum arc remelting: Behavior of the molten layer

Abstract: The properties of the purified metal product from a VAR furnace depend primarily on the behaviour of the molten material in the crucible. However additional effects could arise from the melting process at the electrode face, which includes the formation and emission of molten metal drops. Preliminary work is performed on the formation of drops from the underside of horizontal surfaces as a model of the VAR furnace. Melting is simulated by considering a one-dimensional surface with a constant in-flow. This is studied for two materials, water and a liquid titanium alloy. It is found that the primary falling drops increase in size with increasing flow rate and that the zero flow rate drop radius is very closely related to the capillary length of the material, being approximately 11-14% larger. The amount of material carried by the primary falling drop as a proportion of the hanging drop just before rupture is found to be very similar in both water and titanium, and may be a universal behaviour. The zero flow rate value of this proportion is approximately 78-80%. Some initial results are shown for 3-dimensional systems.