Post-doctoral Positions

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Solidification microstructure and texture in additive manufacturing
(January 30, 2018)

The Research Project

Additive manufacturing is about to revolutionize metallurgy. The new processes open up new ways of meeting performance requirements for metallic parts, for example by complex geometries, by the design of novel structural materials, or by refined control of material chemistry and microstructure. One of the most widely used additive processes is selective laser melting (SLM). In SLM the metal powder is deposited in thin layers and melted by a laser beam that constructs the 3D shape layer by layer. The solidification is fast compared to conventional processes and the material undergoes several thermal cycles corresponding to successive passes of the heat source.

The microstructure that forms during the solidification in this process is strongly anisotropic and exhibits crystalline texture. Experimental investigations have shown a complex dependence of the texture patterns on the process parameters. The microstructure determines the mechanical properties of the manufactured part.

The objective of the project is to elucidate the phenomena at the origin of the texturing of the solidification microstructure. We will investigate the growth competition of growing columnar grains in the conditions particular to SLM. Systematic experiments on simple configurations will be performed in an SLM machine using nickel-based superalloys. The microstructure characterizations will be complemented by numerical model analyses using a novel mesoscopic model of dendritic solidification. This is the model of choice for studying phenomena in microstructure growth that involve interactions and competition of a large number of grains.

The postdoctoral fellow will be involved in the numerical modeling and in the analyses of the experimental microstructure characterizations. He will work with an interdisciplinary team of specialists in metallurgy, solidification, multiscale modeling, and laser melting processes. The postdoc will be based at the Institut Jean Lamour (IJL) in Nancy. The SLM experiments will be performed at the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne (ICB).

12 months, starting date possible from February 1, 2018

Scientific Supervisors
Miha Založnik, CNRS Associate Scientist
Julien Zollinger, Assistant Professor, EEIGM

The project is funded by the Technological Research Institute on Materials, Metallurgy and Processes, IRT M2P and by the French National Research Agency (ANR).

Requirements for Applicants

  • PhD in materials science, physics or mechanical engineering
  • Sense of initiative and capacity of teamwork
  • Good notions of heat & mass transfer, phase change and phase transformations
  • Good notions in electronic microscopy – an experience with EBSD is an advantage
  • Good notions of numerical methods and experience in computer programming (C++), experience with OpenFOAM is an advantage

Additional Information
Work location Institut Jean Lamour, Département SI2M – Solidification Group, Campus Artem, Nancy, France

Institut Jean Lamour Institut Jean Lamour, consisting of more than 500 researchers, PhD students and technical staff, is the largest materials science research center in France. We work in metallurgy, nanomaterials, plasma physics, surface physicochemistry. The Department of Science and Engineering of Materials and Metallurgy (SI2M) works mainly in metallurgical processes ranging from liquid metal treatment over solidification to solid transformation processes; all with the objective to control the formation of the structure and the properties of the final product. In the Solidification Group we study the formation of the structure during solidification of metal alloys, by modeling and experimentation. We work in tight collaboration with the industry and with international academic partners on a wide spectrum of projects, integrating industrial and fundamental problems. The SI2M department is comprised of around 90 people, there of 35 PhD students from 11 countries.

Nancy has a population of 400000 (metropolitan area) and is a major city in the region of Lorraine in the east of France. It is a strong center of higher education and research, with a total of 50000 students. It has a flourishing student life and offers many social, cultural and sports activities.

How to apply
Send us a short statement of your interests, your CV, and the contact addresses of two referees. For additional information contact
Dr. Miha Založnik
Phone: +33 (0)3 72 74 26 72

Dr. Julien Zollinger
Phone: +33 (0)3 72 74 26 69

Institut Jean Lamour, 2 allée André Guinier, Campus Artem, BP 50840, F-54011 Nancy CEDEX, France