Publications articles en Rang A mentionnant du Labex DAMAS

période 2012 mars – 2018 février

Auteurs chercheurs DAMAS sont soulignés. Damas invité, postdoc ou doctorants sont en italique. Liste par année et par WP, en ordre croissant par numéro de Tache dans des WPs.


Labex DAMAS affiliated or acknowledged peer reviewed publications

period: March 2012 – February 2018

The DAMAS authors are underlined. The DAMAS invited professors, the post-doctorates or doctorate students are marked in italics.

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2018, WP1:

1. (WP1-T2) J.R. Kennedy, D. Daloz, B. Rouat, E. Bouzy, J. Zollinger, Grain refinement of TiAl alloys by isomorphic self-inoculation, INTERMETALLICS 95 (2018) 89-93.

2. (WP1-T2) A. Guitton, H. Kriaa, E. Bouzy, J. Guyon, N. Maloufi, A Dislocation-Scale Characterization of the Evolution of Deformation Microstructures around Nanoindentation Imprints in a TiAl Alloy, MATERIALS 11 (2018) 305.

3. (WP1-T2) J. Zollinger, J.; Escot, M.; Deillon, L.; Rouat, B.; Daloz, D.; Dupuy, T., Interface microstructure formation of dissimilar Fe/Fe-Mn-C steel RSW joints, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY, 252 (2018) 697-704.

4. (WP1-T3) Liu, Xiaorui; Beausir, Benoit; Zhang, Yudong; Gan, Weimin; Yuan, Hui; Yu, Fuxiao; Esling, Claude; Zhao, Xiang; Zuo, Liang, Heat-treatment induced defect formation in alpha-Al matrix in Sr-modified eutectic Al-Si alloy, JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 730 (2018) 208-218.

5. (WP1-T4) Edalati, K, Novelli, M, Itano, S, Li, HW, Akiba, E, Horita, Z, Grosdidier, T, Effect of gradient-structure versus uniform nanostructure on hydrogen storage of Ti-V-Cr alloys: Investigation using ultrasonic SMAT and HPT processes, JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 737 (2018) 337-346.

2018, WP2:

6. (WP2-T1) J. Zollinger, M. Escot, L. Deillon, B. Rouat, D. Daloz, Th. Dupuy, Interface microstructure formation in Fe / Fe-Mn-C steel RSW joints, J. MATER. PROCESS. TECH. 252 (2018) 697 – 704.

7. (WP2-T1) Olmedilla, Antonio; Zaloznik, Miha; Rouat, Bernard; Combeau, Herve, Packing of sedimenting equiaxed dendrites, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 97 (2018) 12910.

8. (WP2-T2) Allain, Sebastien Yves Pierre; Gaudez, Steve; Geandier, Guillaume; Hell, Jean-Christophe; Goune, Mohamed; Danoix, Frederic; Soler, Michel; Aoued, Samy; Poulon-Quintin, Angeline, Internal stresses and carbon enrichment in austenite of Quenching and Partitioning steels from high energy X-ray diffraction experiments, MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A, 710 (2018) 245-250.

9. (WP2-T2) H.P. Van Landeghem, S.D. Catteau, J. Teixeira, J. Dulcy, M. Dehmas, M. Courteaux, A. Redjaïmia, S. H Denis, Isothermal decomposition of carbon and nitrogen-enriched austenite in 23MnCrMo5 steel, Acta Materialia, 148 (2018) 363-373,

10. (WP2-T3) Li, Zhenzhuang; Li, Zongbin; Yang, Bo; Yang, Yiqiao; Zhang, Yudong; Esling, Claude; Zhao, Xiang; Zuo, Liang, Large low-field magnetocaloric effect in directionally solidified Ni55Mn18+xGa27-x (x=0, 1, 2) alloys, JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, 445 (2018) 71-76.

11. (WP2-T3) Li, Zongbin; Jiang, Yiwen; Li, Zhenzhuang; Sanchez Valdes, Cesar Fidel; Sanchez Llamazares, Jose Luis; Yang, Bo; Zhang, Yudong; Esling, Claude; Zhao, Xiang; Zuo, Phase transistion and magnetocaloric properties of Mn50Ni42-xCoxSn8 (0 <= x <= 10) melt-spun ribbons, IUCRJ 5 (2018) 54-66.

12. (WP2-T3) Lino-Zapata, F. M.; Yan, H. L.; Rios-Jara, D.; Sanchez Llamazares, J. L.; Zhang, Y. D.; Zhao, X.; Zuo, L., Characterization of the kinetic arrest of martensitic transformation in Ni45Co5Mn36.8In13.2 melt-spun ribbons, JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, 446 (2018) 253-259.

13. (WP2-T3) Zou, Naifu; Li, Zongbin; Zhang, Yudong; Yang, Bo; Zhao, Xiang; Esling, Claude; Zuo, Lang, Plastic deformation of Ni-Mn-Ga 7M modulated martensite by twinning & detwinning and intermartensitic transformation, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, 100 (2018) 1-13.

14. (WP2-T4) V.Q. Vu, Y. Beygelzimer, L.S. Toth, J.J. Fundenberger, R. Kulagin, C. Chen, The plastic flow machining: A new SPD process for producing metal sheets with gradient structures, MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION, 138 (2018) 208–214.

2018, WP3:

15. (WP3-T1) P.O. Delzant, B. Baqué, P. Chapelle, A. Jardy, On the modelling of thermal radiation at the top surface of a vacuum arc remelting ingot, MET. TRANS. B, 2018 (accepted).

16. (WP3-T1) B. Tezenas du Montcel, P. Chapelle, A. Jardy, C. Creusot, Arc appearance and cathode spot distribution in a long gap high-current vacuum arc controlled by an external axial magnetic field, IEEE TRANS. ON PLASMA SCI. (soumis).

17. (WP3-T2) H. Hamadeh, O. Mirgaux, F. Patisson, Detailed modeling of the direct reduction of iron ore in a shaft furnace, CHEM. ENG. SCI., 2018 (soumis)

18. Julien Favre, Paul Lohmuller, Boris Piotrowski, Samuel Kenzari, Pascal Laheurte, Fodil Meraghni, A continuous crystallographic approach to generate cubic lattices and its effect on relative stiffness of architectured materials, ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING,  2018 (accepted).

2018, WP4:

19. (WP4-T1) Yajun Zhao, Laszlo S. Toth, Roxane Massion, and Werner Skrotzki, Role of Grain Boundary Sliding in Texture Evolution for Nanoplasticity, ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS, 2017, 1700212. DOI: 10.1002/adem.201700212.

20. (WP4-T1) L.S. Toth, W. Skrotzki, Y. Zhao, A. Pukenas, C. Braun, R. Birringer, Revealing Grain Boundary Sliding from Textures of a Deformed Nanocrystalline Pd–Au Alloy, MATERIALS, 11 (2018) 190.

21. (WP4-T1) F. Wagner, A. Ouarem, T. Richeton, L.S. Toth,  Improving Mechanical Properties of cp Titanium by Heat Treatment Optimization, ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS, (2018) DOI: 10.1002/adem.201700237.

22. (WP4-T3) T.A. Lebedkina, D.A. Zhemchuzhnikova, M.A. Lebyodkin, Correlation versus randomization of jerky flow in an AlMgScZr alloy using acoustic emission, PHYS. REV. E, 97 (2018) 013001(9).

23. (WP4-T3) T.A. Lebedkina, Y. Bougherira, D. Entemeyer, M.A. Lebyodkin, I.V. Shashkov, Crossover in the scale-free statistics of acoustic emission associated with the Portevin-Le Chatelier instability, SCRIPTA MATER. 148 (2018) 47-50.

24. (WP1-T4) F. Kpeky, K. Akoussan, F. Abed-Meraim, E.M. Daya, Influence of geometric and material parameters on the damping properties of multilayer structures, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 183 (2018) 611-619.

25. (WP4-T4) M. Ben Bettaieb, F. Abed-Meraim, Ductility prediction of substrate-supported metal layers based on rate-independent crystal plasticity theory, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATERIAL FORMING, (2018) (DOI: 10.1007/s12289-018-1401-z).

26. (WP4-T4) Bouktir Y, Chalal H, Abed-Meraim F. Prediction of necking in thin sheet metals using an elastic-plastic model coupled with ductile damage and bifurcation criteria. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DAMAGE MECHANICS, (2018) (DOI: 10.1177/1056789517704030).

27. (WP4-T4) Wang, T.; Xu, F.; Huo, Y.; Potier-Ferry, M., Snap-through instabilities of pressurized balloons: Pear-shaped bifurcation and localized bulging, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NON-LINEAR MECHANICS, 98 (2018) 137-144.

28. (WP4-T4) H. Tian, M. Potier-Ferry, F. Abed-Meraim, A numerical method based on Taylor series for bifurcation analyses within Föppl-von Karman plate theory, MECHANICS RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, (2018) (DOI: 10.1016/j.mechrescom.2017.12.006).

29. (WP4-T4) O. Askour, A. Tri, B. Braikat, Hamid Zahrouni, M. Potier-Ferry. Method of fundamental solutions and high order algorithm to solve nonlinear elastic problems. ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS 89 (2018) 25–35.

30. (WP4-T4) K. Kpogan, A. Tri, A. Sogah, N. Mathieu, H. Zahrouni, M. Potier-Ferry. Combining MFS and PGD methods to solve transient heat equation. NUMERICAL METHODS FOR PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. 34 (2018) 257–273.

31. (WP4-T4) D.S. Zézé, M. Potier-Ferry, Y. Tampango, Multi-point Taylor series to solve differential equations, DISCRETE AND CONTINUOUS DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS SERIES S, accepted.

32. (WP4-T4) L. Benchouaf, E. H. Boutyour, E. M. Daya, M. Potier-Ferry, Non-linear Vibrations of Sandwich Viscoelastic shells, COMPTES RENDUS MECANIQUE, in press.

33. (WP4-T4) J. Yang, H. Hu, M. Potier-Ferry, Computing singular solutions of partial differential equations by Taylor series, COMPTES RENDUS MECANIQUE, accepted.

2018, WP5:

34. (WP5-T2) A. Gupta, M. Ben Bettaieb, F. Abed-Meraim, S.R. Kalidindi, Computationally efficient predictions of crystal plasticity based forming limit diagrams using a spectral database, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, 103 (2018) 168-187.

35. (WP5-T2) Fessal Kpeky, Farid Abed-Meraim, El Mostafa DAYA, New linear and quadratic prismatic piezoelectric solid-shell finite elements, APPL. MATH. AND COMPUTATION. 319 (2018) 355-368.

36. (WP5-T2) Fessal Kpeky, Farid Abed-Meraim, Hakim Boudaoud, El Mostafa Daya. Linear and quadratic solid–shell finite elements SHB8PSE and SHB20E for the modeling of piezoelectric sandwich structures. MECH. ADV. MATER. AND STRUCTURES, 25 (2018) 559-578.

37. (WP5-T3) Satyapriya Gupta, Vincent Taupin *, Claude Fressengeas, Mohamad Jrad, Geometrically Nonlinear Field Fracture Mechanics and Crack Nucleation, Application to Strain Localization Fields in Al-Cu-Li Aerospace Alloys, MATERIALS, accepted.

38. (WP5) (WP5-T4) K.S. Eloh, A. Jacques and S. Berbenni, Development of a new consistent discrete Green operator for FFT-based methods to solve heterogeneous problems with eigenstrains, MECHANICS OF MATERIALS, submitted (2018)

2017, WP1:

39. (WP1-T1) A. Martinavičius, H. P. Van Landeghem, R. Danoix, A. Redjaïmia, M. Gouné, F. Danoix, Mechanism of Si3N4 precipitation in nitrided Fe-Si alloys: A novel example of particle-stimulated nucleation, MAT. LETTERS, 189 (2017) 25–27.

40. (WP1-T1) Nomine, A.; Nomine, A. V.; Braithwaite, N. St. J.; Belmonte, T.; Henrion, G., High-Frequency-Induced Cathodic Breakdown during Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation, PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, 8 (2017) 31001.

41. (WP1-T2) N.T. Reilly, B. Rouat, G. Martin, D. Daloz, J. Zollinger, Enhanced dendrite fragmentation through the peritectic reaction in TiAl-based alloys, INTERMETALLICS 86 (2017) 126 – 133.

42. (WP1-T2) Ramirez, C.; Ismail, A. Idhil; Gendarme, C.; Dehmas, M.; Aeby-Gautier, E.; Poulachon, G.; Rossi, F., Understanding the diffusion wear mechanisms of WC-10%Co carbide tools during dry machining of titanium alloys, WEAR 390-391 (2017) 61-70.

43. (WP1-T2) H. Yuan, E. Brodu, C. Chen, E. Bouzy, J-J. Fundenberger, L.S. Toth, On-Axis Versus off-Axis Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction Technique: Application to the Characterization of Severe Plastic Deformation Induced Ultrafine Grained Microstructures”, JOURNAL OF MICROSCOPY, 267 (2017) 70-80.

44. (WP1-T2) E. Brodu, E. Bouzy, J-J. Fundenberger, “Diffraction contrast dependence on sample thickness and incident energy in on-axis Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction in the SEM”, ULTRAMICROSCOPY 181 (2017) 123–133.

45. (WP1-T2) Cheng, L., Li, JS., Xue, XY., Tang, B., Kou, HC., Perroud, O., Bouzy, E. “Effect of β/B2 phase on cavitation behavior during superplastic deformation of TiAl alloys” J. ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 693 (2017) 749-759.

46. (WP1-T2) L. Cheng, Y. Chen, JS Li, E. Bouzy, “Superplastic deformation mechanism of a γ-TiAl alloy with coarse and bimodal grain structure” MATERIALS LETTERS 194 (2017) 58-61.

47. (WP1-T2) Cheng, Liang; Li, Jinshan; Xue, Xiangyi; Tang, Bin; Kou, Hongchao; Perroud, Olivier; Bouzy, Emmanuel, Effect of beta/B2 phase on cavitation behavior during superplastic deformation of TiAl alloys, JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 693 (2017) 740-759.

48. (WP1-T2) L. Rabahi, B. Alili, D. Bradai, T. Grosdidier, A. Kellou, DFT calculations of structural, magnetic and thermal properties of C15, C14 and C36 Laves phases in Fe-Nb-Zr, INTERMETALLICS 83 (2017) 92-100.

49. (WP1-T2) E. Bouzy, J-J. Fundenberger, J. Guyon, A. Guitton, Y-D Zhang “On-axis TKD for orientation mapping of nanocrtstalline materials in SEM” E. Brodu, MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION 130 (2017) 92-96

50. (WP1-T2) E. Brodu, E. Bouzy « Depth Resolution Dependence on Sample Thickness and Incident Energy in On-Axis Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction in Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) » MICROSC. MICROANAL. 23 (2017) 1096–1106.

51. (WP1-T2) Martin, J.; Nomine, A.; Brochard, F.; Briancon, J. -L.; Noel, C.; Belmonte, T.; Czerwiec, T.; Henrion, G., Delay in micro-discharges appearance during PEO of Al: Evidence of a mechanism of charge accumulation at the electrolyte/oxide interface, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 410 (2017) 29-41.

52. (WP1 – T3) L. Rabahi, M. Gallouze, T. Grosdidier, D. Bradai, A. Kellou, Energetics of atomic hydrogen absorption in C15-Fe 2 Zr Laves phases with ternary additions: A DFT study, INT. J. HYDROGEN ENERGY, 42 (2017) 2157-2166.

53. (WP1 – T3) Wu, B. L.; Duan, G. S.; Du, X. H.; Song, L. H.; Zhang, Y. D.; Philippe, M. J.; Esling, C., In situ investigation of extension twinning-detwinning and its effect on the mechanical behavior of AZ31B magnesium alloy, MATERIALS & DESIGN, 132 (2017) 57-65.

54. (WP1-T3) J. Martin, A. Nominé, F. Brochard, J.-L. Briançon, C. Noël, T. Belmonte, T. Czerwiec, G. Henrion, Delay in micro-discharge appearance during PEO of Al: Evidence of a mechanism of charge accumulation at the electrolyte/oxide interface, APPL. SURFACE SCIENCE, 410 (2017) 29-41, doi : 10.1016/j.apsusc.2017.03.088

55. (WP1-T4) F. Kpeky, F. Abed-Meraim F, E.M. Daya, O.D. Samah, Modeling of hybrid vibration control for multilayer structures using solid-shell finite elements, MECHANICS OF ADVANCED MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES (2017) (DOI: 10.1080/15376494.2017.1365987).

56. (WP1-T4) H. Queudet, S. Lemonnier, E. Barraud, J. Ghanbaja, N. Allain, E. Gaffet, Effect of heat treatments on the microstructure of an ultrafine-grained Al-Zn-Mg alloy produced by powder metallurgy, MAT. SCI. ENG. A, 685 (2017) 71-78.

57. (WP1-T4) Akoussan, Komlan; Hamdaoui, Mohamed; Daya, El Mostafa, Improved layer-wise optimization algorithm for the design of viscoelastic composite structures, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, 176 (2017) 342-358.

58. (WP1-T4) Druesne F, Hamdaoui M, Yin Q, Daya E. Variability Analysis of Modal Characteristics of Frequency-Dependent Visco-Elastic Three-Layered Sandwich Beams With Spatial Random Geometrical and Material Properties. ASME. J. VIB. ACOUST. (2017) 139 (6).

59. (WP1-T4) Queudet, S. Lemonnier, E. Barraud, J. Ghanbaja, N. Allain, E. Gaffet, Effect of heat treatments on the microstructure of an ultrafine-grained Al-Zn-Mg alloy produced by powder metallurgy, MAT. SCI. ENG. A, 685 (2017), 71-78.

60. (WP1-T4) Queudet, S. Lemonnier, E. Barraud, J. Guyon, J. Ghanbaja, N. Allain, E. Gaffet, One-step consolidation and precipitation hardening of an ultra-fine grained Al-Zn-Mg alloy by Spark Plasma Sintering, MAT. SCI. ENG. A, 685 (2017), 227-234.

61. (WP1-T5) Subrata Panda, Jean-Jacques Fundenberger, Yajun Zhao, Jianxin Zou, Laszlo S. Toth, Thierry Grosdidier, Effect of initial powder type on the hydrogen storage properties of high-pressure torsion consolidated Mg, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, 42 (2017) 22438-22448.

62. (WP1-T5) M. Mondet, E. Barraud, S. Lemonnier, N Allain, T Grosdidier, Optimisation of the mechanical properties of a Spark Plasma Sintered (SPS) magnesium alloy through a post-sintering in-situ precipitation treatment, J. ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 698 (2017) 259-266.

2017, WP2:

63. (WP2-T1) Siredey-Schwaller, N.; Hamel-Akre, J.; Peltier, L.; Hazotte, A.; Bocher, P., Solidification sequence of Ni-Si-Cr similar to 3wt% B brazing alloys, WELDING IN THE WORLD, 61 (2017) 1253-1265.

64. (WP2-T1) Heyvaert, Laurent; Bedel, Marie; Zaloznik, Miha; Combeau, Herve, Modeling of the Coupling of Microstructure and Macrosegregation in a Direct Chill Cast Al-Cu Billet, METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS A, 48° (2017) 4713-4734.

65. (WP2-T1) D. Aboudi, S. Lebaili, M. Taouinet, J. Zollinger, Microstructure evolution of diffusion welded 304L/Zircaloy4 with copper interlayer, MATER. DESIGN 116 (2017) 386 –

66. (WP2-T1) Thangaraju, Shanmugasundaram; Bouzy, Emmanuel; Hazotte, Alain, Phase Stability of a Mechanically Alloyed CoCrCuFeNi High Entropy Alloy, ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS, 19 (2017) 1700095.

67. (WP2-T2) Liu, Tao; Germain, Lionel; Teixeira, Julien; Aeby-Gautier, Elisabeth; Gey, Nathalie, Hierarchical criteria to promote fast and selective alpha(GB) precipitation at beta grain boundaries in beta-metastable Ti-alloys, ACTA MATERIALIA, 141 (2017) 97-108.

68. (WP2-T2) Rementeria, Rosalia; Jimenez, Jose A.; Allain, Sebastien Y. P.; Geandier, Guillaume; Poplawsky, Jonathan D.; Guo, Wei; Urones-Garrote, Esteban; Garcia-Mateo, Carlos; Caballero, Francisca G., Quantitative assessment of carbon allocation anomalies in low temperature bainite, ACTA MATERIALIA, 133 (2017) 333-345.

69. (WP2-T2) Allain, Sebastien Yves Pierre; Geandier, Guillaume; Hell, Jean-Christophe; Soler, Michel; Danoix, Frederic; Goune, Mohamed, Effects of Q&P Processing Conditions on Austenite Carbon Enrichment Studied by in Situ High-Energy X-ray Diffraction Experiments, METALS, 7 (2017) 232.

70. (WP2-T2) Fan, Jiangkun; Li, Jinshan; Zhang, Yudong; Kou, Hongchao; Ghanbaja, Jaafar; Gan, Weimin; Germain, Lionel; Esling, Claude, The origin of striation in the metastable beta phase of titanium alloys observed by transmission electron microscopy, JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, 50 (2017) 795-804.

71. (WP2-T2) Fan, Jiangkun; Li, Jinshan; Zhang, Yudong; Kou, Hongchao; Germain, Lionel; Siredey-Schwaller, Nathalie; Esling, Claude, Microstructure and Crystallography of alpha Phase Nucleated Dynamically during Thermo-Mechanical Treatments in Metastable beta Titanium Alloy, ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS, 19 (2017) 1600859.

72. (WP2-T2) Hua, Ke; Zhang, Yudong; Kou, Hongchao; Li, Jinshan; Gan, Weimin; Fundenberger, Jean-Jacques; Esling, Claude, Reply to comments on composite structure of a phase in metastable beta Ti alloys induced by lattice strain during beta to alpha phase transformation, SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 141 (2017) 148-150.

73. (WP2-T2) Ben Saada, M.; Gey, N.; Beausir, B.; Iltis, X.; Mansour, H.; Maloufi, N., Sub-boundaries induced by dislocational creep in uranium dioxide analyzed by advanced diffraction and channeling electron microscopy, MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION, 133 (2017) 112-121.

74. (WP2-T2) S.Y.P. Allain, G. Geandier, J.C. Hell, M. Soler, F. Danoix, M. Gouné, In-situ investigation of quenching and partitioning by High Energy X-Ray Diffraction experiments, SCRIPTA MAT. 131 (2017) 15-18.

75. (WP2-T2) Fan, Jiangkun; Li, Jinshan; Zhang, Yudong; Kou, Hongchao; Germain, Lionel; Esling, Claude, Formation and crystallography of nano/ultrafine-trimorphic structure in metastable beta titanium alloy Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr-0.5Fe processed by dynamic deformation at low temperature, MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION, 130 (2017) 149-155.

76. (WP2-T3) Naifu Zou, Zongbin Li, Yudong Zhang, C. F. Sanchez Valdes, J. L. Sanchez Llamazares, Claude Esling, Bo Yang, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, Transformation process dependent magnetocaloric properties of annealed Ni50Mn18Cu7Ga25 ribbons, J. ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 698 (2017) 731-738.

77. (WP2-T3) Yang, Yiqiao; Li, Zongbin; Li, Zhenzhuang; Yang, Jiajing; Yang, Bo; Dong, Yu; Yan, Haile; Zhang, Yudong; Esling, Claude; Zhao, Xiang; Zuo, Liang, Microstructural Feature and Magnetocaloric Effect of Mn50Ni40.5In9.5 Melt-Spun Ribbons, CRYSTALS, 7 (2017) 289.

78. (WP2-T3) Chunyang Zhang, Haile Yan, Yudong Zhang, Claude Esling, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, Microstructural and Crystallographic Insights in a Martensite/Austenite Dual Phase Ni–Mn–Sb Alloy. Advanced Engineering Materials. (2017) DOI: 10.1002/adem.201700221.

79. (WP2-T3) Bo Yang, Tingting Liu, Xiaowen Hao, Zongbin Li, Yudong Zhang, Gaowu Qin, Marie-Jeanne Philippe, Claude Esling, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, Crystallography of Martensitic Transformation in Epitaxial Ni50Mn30Ga20 Thin Film. Advanced Engineering Materials. (2017) DOI: 10.1002/adem.201700171.

80. (WP2-T3) Zhenzhuang Li, Zongbin Li, Bo Yang, Yiqiao Yang, Yudong Zhang, Claude Esling, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo, Large low-field magnetocaloric effect in directionally solidified Ni55Mn18+xGa27-x (x=0, 1, 2) alloys, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 445 (2018) 71-76.

81. (WP2-T3) Yanchao Dai, Long Hou, Yves Fautrelle, Zongbin Li, Claude Esling, Zhongming Ren, Xi Li, Determination of structural and magnetic properties in directionally solidified Ni-Mn-Ga rod with an axial compositional variation, Materials & Design 134 (2017) 469-475.

82. (WP2-T3) Yanchao Dai, Long Hou, Yves Fautrelle, Zongbin Li, Claude Esling, Zhongming Ren, Xi Li, Martensitic transformation and detwinning in directionally solidified two-phase Ni-Mn-Ga alloys under uniaxial compression, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 722 (2017) 721-728.

83. (WP2-T3) Li, Zongbin; Li, Zhenzhuang; Yang, Bo; Zhang, Yudong; Esling, Claude; Zhao, Xiang; Zuo, Liang, Large low-field magnetocaloric effect in a directionally solidified Ni50Mn18Cu7Cu25 alloy, INTERMETALLICS, 88 (2017) 31-35.

84. (WP2-T3) Zhang, Chunyang; Zhang, Yudong; Esling, Claude; Zhao, Xiang; Zuo, Liang, Crystallographic features of the martensitic transformation and their impact on variant organization in the intermetallic compound Ni50Mn38Sb12 studied by SEM/EBSD, IUCRJ, 4 (2017) 700-709.

85. (WP2-T3) Li, Zongbin; Yang, Bo; Zou, Naifu; Zhang, Yudong; Esling, Claude; Gan, Weimin; Zhao, Xiang; Zuo, Liang, Crystallographic Characterization on Polycrystalline Ni-Mn-Ga Alloys with Strong Preferred Orientation, MATERIALS 10 (2017) 463.

86. (WP2-T4) Subrata Panda, Laszlo S. Toth, Jean-Jacques Fundenberger, Olivier Perroud, Julien Guyon, Jianxin X. Zou, Thierry Grosdidier, Analysis of heterogeneities in strain and microstructure in aluminum alloy and magnesium processed by high pressure torsion, MAT. CHAR. 123 (2017) 159–165.

2017, WP3:

87. (WP3-T1) Castro-Cedeno, E. -I.; Jardy, A.; Carre, A.; Gerardin, S.; Bellot, J. P., Thermal Modeling of the Injection of Standard and Thermally Insulated Cored Wire, METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS B, 48 (2017) 3316-3328.

88. (WP3-T1) W. Choi, J. Jourdan, A. Matveichev, A. Jardy, J.P. Bellot, Kinetics of evaporation of alloying elements under vacuum: application to Ti alloys in Electron Beam Melting, J. HIGH TEMP. MAT. PROC., 36 (2017) 815-824.

89. (WP3-T1) C. Reimer, J. Jourdan, J.P. Bellot, Ti-17 volatilization under vacuum: investigation of the activity coefficient at 1900 °C, CALPHAD, 58 (2017) 122-127.

90. (WP3-T1) B. Tezenas du Montcel, P. Chapelle, A. Jardy, C. Creusot, Evolution of the cathode spot distribution in an axial magnetic field controlled vacuum arc at long contact gap, PLASMA PHYSICS AND TECHN., 4 (2017) 99-103.

2017, WP4:

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